Needle Ash: Complete Edition out now

It’s actually been out for a while, but I haven’t updated my general site in a while, so here is what’s up!

The Complete Needle Ash Story

Now you can get all three Needle Ash books in one volume (either digital or physical), fully updated with maps and illustrations from all three original volumes.

The original three books have also been updated, but will be phased out in 2019 to make way for the complete edition, which is, as a whole, part 2 of the Eternal Dream series. The third book in the series should be published in 2019, and will feature some familiar characters. Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed them. If you read all three books, please consider leaving a review for the complete edition.

Also, a new book named The Crown of Sight in a side-series of shorter books, called the Eternal Dream Legends series, will be released on March 22. You can pre-order it now on Amazon, or a variety of other retailers. Read a little bit about it on my fiction sight.

Available March 22

Interview with Jaime Reynolds of 1967 and Prozack Staple

I got to sit down recently and talk to Jaime Reynolds, front-man of band 1967 and guitarist for Washington state band Prozack Staple about new material being delivered from 1967, upcoming work with Terry Date (producer for numerous albums from Soundgarden, Pantera, Deftones, Slayer, and more), music business, his work and composition process, family, creativity, and life in music.
You can contact Jaime at
Buy 1967’s music on itunes:

You can pre-order Zul’s debut album at: (digital and physical)

Tune your 8 string guitar like a Lute and move beyond djent

Most people associate the 8 string guitar with djent or micro-riffs (like Meshuggah or Dino Cazares), maybe even technical death metal (like Rivers of Nihil), but it can be much more than a low chugging metal machine. It can be tuned to produce a broader spectrum of sound by adding…

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How do you bend strings on guitar without wrapping your thumb around the neck?

Recent guitar question: How do you bend strings without wrapping your thumb around the neck? I find that a lot of people initially learn to play the guitar with less than ideal left hand technique, especially on the electric guitar. I’ve gone over the benefits of using a neutral thumb…

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