Besides performing, I have also been a music educator since 2003, teaching bass, piano, clarinet, and folk strings in addition to guitar. Though I currently specialize in classical guitar as a performer, I have extensive experience teaching and performing rock, jazz, and metal on the guitar. Other teaching experience includes classes at the university and college level, where I oversaw classroom guitar and gave individual lessons to collegiate guitar majors.

Much of my instructional content can be found for free on my youtube channel by clicking here. As a teacher, I eschew the slick but misleading gimmicks propagated by courses and content sites marketed toward beginners. Instead, I advocate a balanced and traditional approach that makes use of reading, music theory, solid technique, and practice of worthy music. Great skill takes great practice, and I do my best to not mislead my viewers and students with unrealistic expectations or sell them short on a music education that does not give them the tools to be a great composer, performer, or be able to navigate the business of music in a fruitful and fulfilling manner.

Lessons can be booked in half-hour or hour increments, and $30 and $60 per lesson, respectively.


  1. Hi David,

    I was looking at your Lessons page and wasn’t sure if you gave lessons via Video Chat or only in person. I was also wondering if you offered lessons in flamenco. I currently live out in a rural area of Texas and there’s obviously not going to be any flamenco instructors out here.


    Mauro Carrillo

  2. Hello I was wondering if you could do a history lesson on music and race in America and how the African Americans basically invented rock music and electric guitars thank you sir

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