Scales and Arpeggios

This page features my explanation of various scales and arpeggios. There is still lots of ground to cover, so future videos will explore more scales and with greater detail.

3-note-per-string – These scales are popular with “shred” style electric guitar players due to their symmetry, versatility and the fact that they are easily moved on the neck. I show all the modes starting on each note of the G major scale, but these can also be learned all starting on a single note.

Mode 1 – G Ionian

Mode 2 – A Dorian

Mode 3 – B Phrygian

Mode 4 – C Lydian

Mode 5 – D Mixolydian

Mode 6 – E Aolian

Mode 7 – F# Locrian (to be recorded)


Segovia Scales – These are the scale patterns made famous by classical guitarist Andres Segovia. They are valuable for practice because of their theoretical base and their use of functional position shifts.

C Major

A Minor (all forms)

G Major

E Melodic Minor

D Major

B Melodic Minor


Pentatonic and introduction to improvisation

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