Free Guitar Lessons on Youtube

NOTE: This page is under construction.

Looking to expand your repertoire, pick up some new techniques, or just find something new to practice? Don’t want to search out a competent private instructor in the field, or just want to dip your feet in before shelling out your money? I have a wide variety of YouTube content that you might be interested, from the very beginning lessons to advanced music and specific approaches to Flamenco. I take requests, too, so if there is something you are interested in seeing or having explained, please let me know. I have a big backlog, but I’m always happy to give advice if I don’t have a video available.

I’ve tried my best to categorize and organize my videos according to your respective needs:

Basic Classical and Flamenco Techniques

Electric/Steel String Techniques

Flamenco Techniques, Repertoire, and Interpretation

Advanced Classical Technique and Repertoire

How-to-play Series

Scales and Arpeggios for all styles.

Musical Discussion, Advice, etc.

Product and music reviews and demonstrations.




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