Eyes in the Walls – New Horror Book

Keeping up the pace, my newest horror book will be released this Friday, December 13th (yes, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH).

The Cover!

Technically, it’s already out now, as you can order the physical copy. I usually release these early so people can their preferred medium at around the same time, though at least one person who knows me on twitter already has a copy (I don’t even have MY COPY yet).

By the way, Will is an author as well, so give him a follow while you are at it.

What’s this story about?

A boy named Billy, who sees a monster. Nobody believes him, at least none of the adults in his life. He gets diagnosed with schizophrenia, but the evidence for the existence of the monster continues to grow. What’s reality, and how does he solve his crisis?

Find out on Friday!

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