Do I have to use Flamenco strings on my flamenco guitar? (YouTube video)


  1. Many thanks for sharing these records so freely. You must think about writing a book.

  2. Hi Dave, Just saw your very illuminating video on the difference between classical and flamenco. Here’s my question, I’ve knocked around with guitar playing, almost all US style electric or acoustic but want to get a nice simple nylon string guitar. I just love the tones and mellow bossa style chording and how jazz sounds on them. In fact, I don’t see myself playing much real Spanish classical or flamenco but I might dabble. I’m really more interested in playing chord melodies to jazz classics or other American music. I like the lower action of flamenco guitars but they’re too bright for my ear. What recommendations for guitar style, brand, etc. could you make? My budget would be $400 – $500.

    Thanks so much. Really like your playing. Bob Estremera

    • Hey Bob, thanks for stopping by! It’s hard to give guitar brand advice as there are so many factors to consider. I would look first at what is offered by Cordoba and Yamaha with a rosewood (dark) back, as that will generate the balanced tone you are looking for. Keep in mind that it is quite easy to darken tone, especially if you are amplifying a guitar, but harder to brighten it up. If you are looking for a generally dark tone, most production guitars will probably do for you. If you aren’t playing with nails or a pick that will also darken the tone. And by the way, I loved playing jazz on a nylon guitar.

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