Top Ten Fantasy Authors, part 2

Of course, one video was not enough for us to cover everything that there was to say about just 10 fantasy authors, so here is part 2, where we discuss Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Robert E. Howard, Joe Abercrombie, Glen Cook, Geoge RR Martin, and Ursula Le Guin.

Writers of the Dawn is:

Matthew J. Wellman – High Fantasy and Urban Fantasy author. The first part of Children of Ysillia is out now!

David V. Stewart – High Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and science fiction author.  He is the author of Japanese Historical Fiction Epic Muramasa: Blood Drinker and Hard Scifi novel Prophet of the Godseed.

Top Ten Fantasy Authors (part 1) (video)

Fantasy Authors Matthew J. Wellman and David Stewart talk about the top ten fantasy authors, based on several criteria, including contributions to the genre. This video covers the first 5 (in no particular order): JRR Tolkien, Steven Erikson, Michael Moorcock, Mark Lawrence, and Brandon Sanderson Matthew J. Wellman is the…

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Where to Start When it Comes to Reading Fantasy

As a fantasy author, I also of course, read fantasy, but I am aware that it is a genre that lots of people have difficulty dissecting. Works tend to build upon the tropes of other works, or invert the common themes of the genre, and these sorts of books can…

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