I started writing books in earnest some time in 2013 after leaving Las Vegas. Below you can find those I have chosen to release thus far, including my smash samurai epic, Muramasa: Blood Drinker. 2017 will be a huge year for me in creative terms, so keep a look out for two new books (which you can read samples of for free on Dissonant Tides (a new fantasy epic) and A Walk at Dusk (an “original folklore” ghost story set in the piney woods of Arkansas).

Muramasa: Blood Drinker

Muramasa: Blood Drinker, A Supernatural Mystery of Feudal Japan, by David V. Stewart  is  now available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback!
“It is said that it is the destiny of good men to die young, to fall to the sword, and it is the destiny of wicked men to go on living. It is a cynical view; a false view, but not for the reason you think.”

Ancient tales speak of a time when swords of great power forged by smiths of divine skill. Some of these blades, however, were cursed, hungering for death and sleeping only when sated by a feast of blood.

This is a tale of one such blade.

At the bidding of his lord, master swordsman Taoka Yoshio follows the bloody trail of a murderer who is seemingly empowered by sorcery. As samurai, Yoshio acts as retainer to the beautiful and enigmatic Amaya, the daughter of his sworn liege, on their quest. Amaya, however, has ambitions and plans that are quite different from the tasks appointed by her father. Along their way, they meet and befriend a legendary swordsmith, with whose help they begin to uncover the terrifying truth of the mysterious killer. As they all become entangled in the webs of the Ashikaga shogunate’s schemes, they must each face the hard truths of their pasts to survive their trials and defeat evil.

Prophet of the Godseed

cover6Alone, Padalmo walks through the eternally sunlit desert of Terranostra. He prays for the return of the Seeders, the race of gods who instilled all worlds with life, and that they would make him into their prophet. Above, Malcolm Macbeth watches a world that has changed radically in the 2000 years since he seeded it with human life; a world which now walks the razor edge between two kinds of annihilation: nuclear war and cognitive singularity.

As war speeds towards its final conclusion, the Clan Macbeth must find a way to save the world – if it is worth saving at all. Moses, an refugee from Earth’s ancient singularity may hold the key in his union with technology…

Prophet of the Godseed is the first in a hard scifi series focusing on the consequences of relativity on interstellar travel. It is available as an ebook on Amazon. You can also read plenty of free bonus content on

Garamesh and the Farmer

Failing to find suitors for their fickle daughter, the king and queen hold a great contest, with the victor gaining the right to marry the princess. To the chagrin of the king, a simple farmer mysteriously gains entry into the contest and sets about winning all of the events through unconventional means. The contest takes a dark turn, however, when the king tasks the suitors with the slaying of an ancient dragon newly awakened in Black Mountain. Is the cleverness and imagination of the farmer great enough to overcome a god-like being?

Garamesh and the Farmer is a novelette that takes the forms of a traditional fairy tale and uses them to teach important lessons regarding humility, perseverance, courage, ingenuity, and managing social relationships. It is available on Amazon as both an ebook and as an audible audiobook narrated by the author.


More stories, both long and short, can be read for free on



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