Music Theory

In 2017 I started a video instruction series focusing on music theory, with the intent to provide not only an entry-point into music theory, but to deliver the deep university-level music theory content that many students do not have cheap access to due to their circumstances. Below you will find the complete playlist linked as well as each individual topic.

Part 1: What is Music Theory?

Part 2: The Overtone (Harmonic) Series

Part 3: Harmonic Pitch Collections

Part 4: The Organization of Time and Rhythm

Part 5: Intervals as Just Ratios

Part 6: The History and Purpose of Music Notation

Part 7: How to write a Melody

Part 8: Chords – Triads in the Tonal System (introduction)

Part 9: Cadences

Part 10: Functional Harmony

Supplement: Moving Beyond Standard Triads

Part 11: Keys and Key Signatures

Part 12: The Circle of Fifths

Part 13: Introduction to Minor Keys

Part 14: Minor Scale Forms

Part 15: Introduction to Harmonic Analysis

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