Electric/steel string guitar techniques

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Looking to hop into the guitar world on your electric or steel-string acoustic guitar? These technique videos are an ideal place to begin. If you are looking for advanced scales and arpeggios for electric guitar, try the scales page here. Remember that there are no shortcuts and no gimmicks here; I desire to create a solid foundation for effective practice.

Basic Techniques – Start the right way! Keep in mind these are my earliest videos, so I may not have the same “screen presence” that I develop later on. The information should still be accurate.

Part 1 – Terminology

Part 2 – Left and right hand positions

Part 3 – Chromatic scale, a basic left-hand exercise

Part 4 – Right hand, alternate picking

Part 5 – Intro to chords

Part 6 – I-vi-IV-V in G Major (first chord progression)

Basic Tone generation on the electric guitar

Intermediate technique and application – These videos build on the basics and provide an introduction to popular and genre-specific concepts like palm muting and soloing.

“Power Chords”

Palm Muting

Pentatonic scales

Practicing Pentatonic scales for practice

Basic 12 bar blues in E

Advanced technique  and application – These videos explore techniques that will be challenging for beginning and intermediate players, and will require more practice in order to use effectively.

Intro to tap picking

Intro to sweeps, fast arpeggios, and sweep picking – The technique made famous by virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen.



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